Very friendly & so inviting

Me & my husband are very blessed to have found our attorney, Saedra Pinkerton. She is very friendly & so inviting. It’s never easy understanding legal documents or legal terms. Saedra made me feel confident and explained all my legal concerns. She makes you feel like a friend and not just a client. I would like to also, comment on her paralegal Brenda for all her help. She was a great help. What a team! I highly recommend Saedra Pinkerton. Thank you for all your help! I look forwarding to doing more business with you.
– Christine & Adam (Avvo)

Compassionate and personable

A friend of mine referred me to Saedra as I was contemplating filing for divorce. The first time I spoke with her, I immediately liked her. When I was finally ready to file, I called her back and hired her. I felt like she cared about my case and didn’t just view me as a client and income. Several times, the night before a court hearing, she would call at 8 or 9 in the evening to go over everything to make sure we were both prepared. I still send her updates on my daughter and myself, and April will be two years since my divorce was finalized. I would highly recommend Saedra to anyone.
– Sarah (Avvo)


Saedra is a great attorney. She is the only family law attorney who I would recommend to friends and family. She cares about her clients and their wellbeing. She has helped my family and I with multiple issues and was always very helpful with the legal advice we received.
– Anonymous (Avvo)

Very good attorney..

I hired Mrs. Pinkerton for a family custody case and she did exactly what she said she was going to do for me and when she said she would do it, and in my book that says a lot now a days, she is also very friendly and easy to speak with. I would use her again if I needed to do so.
– John (Avvo)

Good choice at a necessary time

Out of sheer overwhelm and a minimal understanding of legalese, I came close to just signing whatever was handed to me without hiring any representation, but I was very glad I decided to work with Saedra instead. At a time when I had no idea what I was legally getting into and felt very much alone, since this was supposed to be the happiest time of my life, she was very helpful in revising my prenup, providing legal support, asking the tough questions I needed to consider, and helping me feel prepared for whatever the future might bring.
– Anonymous (Avvo)

Willing to go the extra mile

Kathleen is extremely intelligent and always professional. I always feel she is willing to go the extra mile to answer any question I may have. She is very thorough in her research which gives me a great deal of confidence in her. I would highly recommend her as an attorney.
– Sheryl (Avvo)